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Top 5 Mystery of History Posts


I know I always benefit from seeing how other folks are using and organizing curriculum that I use. These 5 posts have been very helpful in helping me get my MOH organized and running smoothly.

    1.  How to Organize Mystery of History Once, Part 1 by Kendra Flecther at Preschoolers & Peace  – This video post revolutionized how I thought about planning my Mystery of History curriculum.  She has links to pdf’s  for all the volumes that go lesson by lesson stating what books, handouts and etc. that she uses.  She integrates some Tapestry of Grace into her Mystery of History (at least volume 2). So you do have to go through and tweak it for your family but trust me all the hard work is done!
    2. How to Organize Mystery of History Once, Part 2 by Kendra Fletcher at
      Preschoolers & Peace The second video shows you what to do once you have downloaded her amazing spreadsheets .
    3. Have you considered using Mystery of History with your High School students? If so this post from Layered Soul will be right up your alley: The Mystery of History High School Credit. She also takes you to Linda Hobar’s post on MOH for High school credit and walks you through using Mystery of History and how to record it on your High School students  transcript.
    4. Do you just want to see how someone else completes Mystery of History on a weekly basis?  Then you need to check out Growing in Grace as she chronicles their projects and activities on a bi-weekly basis while using Mystery of History.
    5. Again, Stacey at Layered Soul provides an amazing and detailed plan on how she organizes Mystery of History for their homeschool.  In her post, Organizing Mystery of History Notebooks, she details how to prepare and organize  a notebooks for your children, pick your activities and organize your resources.  Her goal is to provide her kids with a semi-independent workbook to complete as they go through MOH. Bravo!!

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