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5 Tips to Save Money Homeschooling Every Year

5 Tips to Save Money Homeschooling Every Year

5 tips to save money homeschooing

I often find that I wax and wain in my homeschool frugality. Mainly because I sometimes want to be able to do what some of my friends are able to amass wonderful libraries. Our family really cannot afford to to do this and meet our other financial goals. Therefore we have 4 things we do

  1. Frugal Homeschoolers absolutely love their libraries. It is hands down the cheapest place to get books that we will only need for a few days. The secret to using the library effectively is to develop a method of managing library books so you do not incur fines.
  2. Frugal Homeschoolers choose curriculum that can be reused by more then one student .  This doesn’t mean we try to shove a square peg kiddo in a round hole. But it does mean we consider the curriculums longevity as well as it’s rigor and quality. We may buy a more expensive curriculum because over the long we will either break even with the cheap one or save money. A curriculum that cost $100 that will be used with 5 children is $20 per kid. So in the long run you can save money by using a $100 curriculum you love instead of trying to make that $25 curriculum work for you.
  3. Frugal Homeschoolers sell their used curriculum when they no longer need it. So instead of just giving it away (unless you know of a family in need) we make the extra effort to sell it. One of my favorite sites to buy and sell Homeschool Curriculum  is Homeschool Classifieds.
  4. Frugal Homeschoolers try to buy most of their homeschool curriculum used. We opt to spend our time instead of our money on purchasing and find homeschool curriculum.
  5. Frugal Homeschoolers don’t jump quickly from one curriculum to another. By being willing to try to stick with our curriculum we aren’t buying 2 history programs in a year. Additionally, if you stick with say Mystery of History once you have purchased the 4 volume set you do not have to purchase any other history set for your K-12th grader.

To sum

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