10+ Posts Every Diligent Homeschooler Should Read

Welcome to iHN's articles every homeschooler should read. Diligence is defined as "having careful and persistent work or effort". A Diligent homeschooler ...
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Simplify your Homeschool’s Planning

  I'm just going to start out with the fact that some of this is going to seem like you are ...
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7 Awesome Homeschool Planning Posts

By this time of year most homeschoolers are in the throws of planning their next homeschool year. Each year I ...
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Surrendering Homeschool Expectations

Have you ever done a curriculum because someone else you respected was doing it? Or have you ever avoided a ...
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Homeschooling a Large Family Well on Budget

Most homeschool families keep an eye on their homeschool budget. Homeschooling can be expensive but it does not have to ...
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Planning Your Best Homeschool Year

If you have homeschooled for more then a year then you have experienced what I’ll call an unproductive homeschool year ...
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15 New Year’s Resolutions for Your 2015 Homeschool

Do you set New Year's resolutions for your homeschool? Goal setting can be a great way to shake off the ...
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Homeschool Planning III:Planning your School Calendar

[originally posted on May 42, 2010] So now that you have completed your Curriculum Spreadsheet and you are waiting to receive ...
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Homeschool Planning II: Saving Money Buying Curriculum

[Originally posted 5/323/10] So after I have finished my Curriculum Spreadsheet I  am usually ready to start purchasing curriculum. Since we are always ...
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Homeschool Planning I: Creating a Curriculum Spreadsheet

(Originally posted May 17, 2010) Creating a Curriculum Spreadsheet The first part of homeschool planning is determining which curriculum your family is going ...
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Helping Kids Take Responsibility for their Education: “A Plan in Place” Homeschool Planner

I received a product for free and was compensated for my time. However, all opinions are honest and I was not required ...
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A Plan in Place Homeschool Planner Giveaway!

A Plan in Place provides customized homeschool planners to homeschool students & Moms. It was created by 2 homeschool Moms ...
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Planning the Logic Stage – Part 2

If you are just joining us now this is the third installment in a series on planning the Logic Stage ...
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Homeschool Planning in a few extras …

This year we are continuing to use many of the Christian Light Education products that we love and have made ...
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