Frugal Living


So are you wandering around the internet looking for a way to save money with frugal living? Are the bills bigger then the paycheck? Well, I hope you find a few practical gems to help your ends meet and to live a vibrant life of  frugal living and being grateful for what the Lord has provided for your family!

Unlike many of the frugal living websites these are all ideas and things that real people do everyday. Practical, realistic and very doable.  A few of our popular posts….


How I Reduced Expenses by $1,000 in 60 days will tell you the real life things that I did that reduced our yearly expenses by a thousand dollars. I can do it and so can you.

5 $1 Breakfasts  each that I serve my family of 7  for a total of $1 not for $1 per serving.

We are also the home of Frugal Friday which is working to become the largest and most productive frugal link-up on line!