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Our Week 3 – Sept. 8th -12th


This week was over shadowed by my daughters allergic reaction to ????  Anyhow on Monday we headed to the Doctors office and picked up a few Prescriptions and Over the counter Medications to take care of it. My daughter was so sweet and understanding as she assured me she was allergic to

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Our Week #2


So we have made a lot of changes to our home this year. The most distinctive would be the introduction of a morning liturgy, elimination of time consuming activities and fiercely guarding our school times from 9-2.  Thus providing us with 4 or 5 days each week totally at home, homeschooling.

{{Our week had some disappointments}}


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Our Week #1


The week one child told another they were “as deaf as a bouy at the nore”.

So we have finally started school and this week .

So the first week of our homeschool is always somewhere around our third daughters birthday. This year what would have been the first day of school was spent

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