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A {Before} House Tour


So I am going to show you our house before we purchased it so as we are remodeling it and making it more big family friendly you’ll have a feel from where we started.

  1. We were looking for a fixer-upper and this house had some things that needed to be fixed but it was ll cosmetic and nothing major.
  2. We were trying to get a bigger house and at the same time we  didn’t want to have a large mortgage like we did in the country house.
  3. We needed a large backyard & high ceilings

We purchased this larger (then our previous house) super cute 1950’s ranch style house on a large lot. There are

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6 MUST Read Books for Large Families

Welcome to day 5 of 5 days of Large Family Living

For those of you who have been around for the whole series and to those of you who are just checking in, it is my hope that this series has blessed you and better prepared you to handle your duties as a Mama. We covered <a title="Homeschooling a Large Family Part 1" href="

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How to Organize a Large Family, Part 1 Color Coding your Large Family


Welcome to day 4 of the 5 Day Hopscotch discussing Large Family Living

On Monday & Tuesday we discussed Large Family Homeschooling and on Wednesday I let you in on the secrets of feeding a Large Family. Today we are moving into a little bit of organization.

When you have a large family you have a lot of stuff and sometimes a big mess. At first I used to

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