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Aspiring Week 10: Documentaries

For us there is always the question of what to do after we have been in town.

In the past I often came home and then pushed the kids to complete all the things we didn’t have time for and we were often exhausted by the end of the day. Then while reading Large Family Logistics I realized we needed to take a break.

“When you arrive home . . . let

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Weekly Wrap Up

An overview of our homeschool Curriculum

Before our family gathering and before breakfast we read the Proverb of the day and a couple of Psalms.

In the Morning we have a family gathering during which time we cover some subjects together:

  • We are using Mystery of History Volume 2 along with History in the Woods Middle Ages projects.
  • For Science we use Answers in Genesis God’s Design for Heaven and Earth. We absolutely loved doing this series last year and I expect we will enjoy it again this year!
  • Baptist Catechism we use Truth & Grace Books this covers memory verses, hymns & catechism questions based on the an adjusted Westminster Confession. 
  • We also do IEW Linguistic Development in the morning and even our 3 year old twins have gotten in on the act memorizing poems. 
  • Read Alouds- this is the time we have family read Alouds , we will start the Bronze Bow and Trial & Triumph next week. 
  • US State Study Notebook 
  • In the Spring (MOH Vol 2 is 28 weeks long) we will do Soli Gloria Deo Map Skills

After the Family Gathering we start on our individualized

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