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Issac Newton and Homeschooling


Newton’s Accomplishments:
  • A few of the things that Newton accomplished in his lifetime…
  • Calculus
  • Laws of Gravitation
  • Principals of Nature
  • Optics
  • One final thing I find to be amazing is that we are still living in the era of Newtonian science that is how brilliant this man was.

Why is a Homeschool Mama reading about Newton?

My interest in Issac Newton was sparked by a reading child’s biography, which was followed by listening to Isaacc Newton by Gleick and finally I watched the A&E biography on Newton. After all of this I stand amazed in the shadow of this giant. I really had no idea that he

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How to Join the Great Scientific Conversation Without Losing Your Mind

A guest post by Sara Dennis of Classically Homeschooling

How in the world do you join the great scientific conversation without losing your mind? The high school years are busy. Teenagers have increasing amounts of schoolwork to do. In addition they have outside classes, recitals, rehearsals, games

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