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We’ve been reading a book by Elizabeth George and in the fist chapter it talks about making your home welcoming. Really, I think more then anything that is what I want my home to be, welcoming. I want folks to long to come back and sit a while and enjoy their time in our home. I am convinced

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Frugal Spring Cleaning

We all know that deep cleaning can often get expensive. However, if you make your own cleaning supplies with stuff you already have available at home, you can save a few greenbacks. Check out what you need to do to spring clean your home.

Declutter and Dust

If your home is messy, the first thing you should do is declutter

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Preparing for Guests

Little basket put together for my parents

wn streOver the past few years we have hosted and been hosted several times by family and friends. I just want to pass along a bit of wisdom as you prepare to host .

  1. Gather enough towels for each guest
  2. Put a welcome basket together that includes basic toiletries that may have been forgotten.
  3. Provide them with some privacy…maybe you have a guest room, we don’t. We normally clear the twins out of thier room  and they have a sleep over with us.

YOU are responsible to feed your quests 3 square meals unless they state they are planning to do otherwise for a meal. So if your guests

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Frugal Decorating 250

Frugal Decorating Finding A Deal

PicMonkey Collage

We moved into our new house in March of 2014 and we have now been here over a year and a half. This house is a 1950’s ranch that we have decided to make large family friendly  on a small budget. We have several projects that we are planning on tackling  with a small budget.

Tips on Decorating on a Dime
  1.  Join buy sell groups and pay attention to the lists when you are seriously or casually looking. I purchased all of these fixtures for under $225 from my homeschool buy sell loop, which normally only has books and the occasional car.
  2. Go into your local thrift stores often.
  3. Make a list of what you are doing and what you might need and keep that list with you.
  4. Be flexible…we love antique bronze but we settle for any bronze that looks antiqued even washed and will fit in with our decor. To me flexible means getting SUPER close to what I want.
What’s There and Where’s It All Going

All of

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