Getting your homeschool back on the right track!


Let me tell you we are currently derailed, and frankly I’m little bit concerned because I cannot even see the train much less the tracks. It’s hard enough finishing your year strong but right now we are not pressing on toward the prize but meandering around and having some issues of wildness, sloth & laziness. And I’m just talking about the me, so you can imagine the kiddos. Seriously though we were have several problems because I was not focused on the task at hand and they were the following:

How to know if your homeschool is off track
  1. Are we accomplishing the tasks the Lord has laid before us consistently?
  2. How much time are we spending schooling and is it adequate to complete the tasks at hand?
  3. I checked my lesson plan to see if we are completing a weeks worth of work
  4. I checked to make sure I had not “over assigned”  or given my children too much work to do.
  5. Am I facilitating success or am I allowing failure?
  6. Do I have everything I need to be successful? (such as photocopies, my understanding of material etc…)
The problems we had leading to getting off  the track
  1. We moved in March
  2. Too many outside activities
  3. Not completing work
  4. Plodding through work
  5. Painfully slow transitions

After diagnosing our problem was me and my lack of leadership after our move. I was no longer facilitating success but was distracted and I was allowing the kids to fail.  I decided to fall back on my handy Dandy Schedule! Now I want to emphasize we are not truly a “scheduled” family. Although I do follow a schedule to a T when needed and then we slowly transition back into a comfortable routine.

How to get your Homeschool back on track


  1. Redo the mangers of their homes schedule
  2. Encourage the kids to work quickly and transition well & Manage their time
  3. Formalize the twins Montessori stations
  4. Review where we are we and where we are going. We missed nearly 6 weeks of school with our move which for us is 1/2 of a trimester.
  5. Use MY TIME wisely!

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints,” 1 Corinthians 14:3

During the first week when we are getting back on track our  schedule is very strict but by the 3rd week we are again ready to fall into a routine. It is the momentum of the routine that gets us through each day joyfully. I do use our schedule each day but other then meal times & sleeping times we simply use it as a benevolent guide not a tyrannical ruler. A short brown tyrannical ruler is what I become when I try to stick to closely to the schedule as a lifestyle.

I’ll also carefully guard my time and make sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing too.

Other Bloggers getting in the groove…

So what do you do when you need to get your homeschool moving again after a derailment?

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16 thoughts on “Getting your homeschool back on the right track!

  1. Good points…. especially as we come to the end of the year…. I am trying to have us finish strong…. only 2 weeks left and we are ready…. only took a 1 day spring break in order to be done earlier…. ready to be outside doing spring things…. BUT I want us to use these last weeks well and honor the Lord as we work. Thank you for the reminders. :)

    1. “Honor the Lord” so true the greatest danger for me when we get off schedule or in tizzy is to not honor the Lord with my speech and gentleness. Thank you for the reminder! Let’s homeschool with a meek and quiet spirit! :D Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. It’s terrifyingly easy to get derailed. We were losing steam in March and April, so I printed up a list of what needed to be done before summer break and posted it, telling my oldest 4 children (11-17 years old) once this list was done, we were done. It didn’t matter if we finished in April, May, June, or July. The list inspired all of us.

    In the past I’ve done what you’re doing. Revamp our MOTH schedule and follow it strictly before relaxing into a routine. It works really well also. :-)

  3. Hopping over from A Mama’s Story Link up! Too many outside activities get a lot of people in trouble, including myself. I think we try so hard to show how our kids are “socialized,” or we’re too caught up in all the fun things provided throughout the community, we forget about making home the hub of our lives. At least, that’s how it tends to happen in our house. Thanks for the reflective post!

  4. We are in a homeschool rut too. Trying to balance lots of things and then I decided to potty train my two year old and that has been crazy! S school has taken a dip…thanks for the encouragement and some great tips to get back on track!

  5. The end of the year can be hard. Don’t get discouraged. You got this!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  6. I feel like we need to get back on track too. Some days are so good, and other are just…not. We’ve got some attitude struggles =) I’m probably the case of it lol The plan is always so good, but the daily grind doesn’t usually go as smoothly =) I’m glad you are finding your feet again after your move!

  7. I feel we got off track this year too, we have slowly began to get back into the swing of things. Glad things are getting back on track for you.

  8. Oh my gosh, it is SO HARD to get back on track. I feel for you. My problem is…tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow is Friday, so let’s just start on Monday. Really, it’s just much harder to get the kids in the routine.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    What do I do? I just bite the bullet and do it. I’m hard core that way!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us on the #homeschoollinkup. I’m sure the other homeschoolers need this post!

    1. Oh, I know the feeling!! I think we are going to switch to year around homeschooling so such derailments aren’t so catastrophic! ;) Thanks for stopping by Michelle!

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