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3 years ago I threw my hands up in  defeat and basically decided that Art was not an area we could handle in our homeschool. I just couldn’t find the time to consistently do it. The previous year we had been taking art lessons and the children absolutely flourished at the lessons and they became very crafty and artistically minded. But after the money for those lessons dried up we just didn’t seem to be able to do it on our own at home on a regular basis.

Then 2 years ago I began a co-op and we started doing the Art program that I had purchased the year before. Since that point we have been doing art on a regular basis and we have really enjoyed it. I have even found that my middle child has a bent toward art and have been encouraging her to explore it.

Now I am the art teacher at our co-op which is absolutely the craziest thing. However, because of the course we use it is so easy to implement and after we watch the video I feel well prepared to explain to the children how to draw, whatever it is we are drawing that day.

I want to encourage those of you who are like me and you are not artistic and those of us who just have not been able to work it in. That it is possible to have a flourishing art program in your homeschool and not to kill yourself.

Three steps to help you successfully teach art in the  homeschool

  1. Know your limitations – I knew that I could not teach art on my own so the firs step we did was we hired a teacher to teach art. Then we moved to a DVD Curriculum where we all watch the teacher teach us how to draw.I felt confident to teach art after watching this dvd with my children.
  2. Know your budget  – We were spending $120 month on art lessons so taking $200 and spending it on a DVD was actually a savings for us. But most of the time that will not be a savings. The Curriculum we use is suppose to be used over 3-4 years so it works out to $50 a year. But that first $200 spent is a dozey!!
  3. Schedule time – Put it in the schedule and then do it like it’s math!
  4. Draw with the kids- Take time to draw with the kids during the lesson. I actually found my drawing improved a great deal and I enjoyed it a lot more! This step also improves the relationship you will have with your children as you spend time doing what they are doing and hopefully enjoying. 

teachingartWell those are the steps that worked for me and now I have some pretty talented and trained little artists running around here.

Some programs to help you teach Art in the Homeschool

  • Do you need lots of instruction like me? Feed My Sheep by How Great Thou Art
  • Do you just need some written instructions? Harrington Harmonies
  • Do you want to incorporate Art Appreciation in along with your Art? Harmony Fine Arts
 What art program do you use? Have you incorporated Art into your homeschool, why or why not?

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7 thoughts on “How to Teach Art in the Homeschool

  1. We love all the lessons by Harmony Art Mom, been using her materials for years!! I too find myself artistically challenged, why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to right? Thanks for this post!

  2. I am just the same as you. I have a hard time remembering to fit it in regularly. I have found that I do better using curriculum that just tells me what to do and when. I’m sure that will change back and forth throughout the years, but for now that type of plan is best for me. I’m glad that you have found a program and a time (your co-op) to make it work for you! I definitely want to put more effort into making it work for us as well. We do use Harmony Fine Arts for art study and that does simplify things for that end of it.

  3. I struggle to fit in art sometimes too. I like the suggestion of taking lessons.
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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