Finishing Strong Homeschooling Through Middle & High School #25

Welcome to Finishing Strong!

Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #25

Today we’re featuring a few of the best posts about homeschooling high school that you have shared with us over the summer.

Homeschooling high school can be a daunting thought for many families. But as you’ll see from these posts, it isn’t as scary as you may think. In fact, it can be quite fun! We’re always grateful for the ideas and inspiration that you share with us every week relating to schooling our teens at home. It reminds us that none of us is alone in this journey.

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Why Classical Educators NEED Omnibus

Why should Classical Educators buy Omnibus?


Copy work


Classical Literature Pack from Erica @ Confessions of a Homeschooler

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Homeschool Picture Day


The School of Logic

 ::Peyton :: Special Needs 8th Grade ::


Peyton has mild autism and she completes a modified classical curriculum. She has an extremely good memory so she still dabbles in a lot of grammar stage memory work fun!

::Parker:: 6th Grade::


This will be Parker’s first year in the Logic Stage and I although I conisder her to have a foot in both stages. Accordingly, she will work in both Logic & Grammar Schools during her 6th grade year.

The Grammar School

::Pearson::4th Grade::

grammar4thgradePearson is firmly in the grammar stage and she soaks up information like sponge.

::Zayne & Providence:: PK::DSCN5610

During this session Sister #3 felt the need to intervene and help with the shall we say less then cooperative duo. After she adjusted the sign and coached them on smiling I became a photo snapping fool!  We ended with a picture where they were both looking at me and we nearly had two smiles. Somethings are simply to grand to hope for or imagine like two smiles.

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Christ Centered Birthdays

CCBFirst I want to say this post is not meant to condemn anyone who does
birthday parties a little or a lot different then what is done around here! This is just where the Lord has our family and this is how we have decided to celebrate birthdays and Christ in us.  As you seek the Lords face in all that you do it may look the same or a little or a lot different. However, I would encourage you to take a look at the ordinary things in our lives and see if we can use them to direct our hearts and our minds toward the Lord Jesus.

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Finishing Strong

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to Finishing Strong!

Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #24

Today we’re featuring a few of the best posts about homeschooling middle school that have been shared with us over the past few weeks.

Middle School is such a fun season for homeschooling. Your kids can think more abstractly, allowing them to discuss subjects at a deeper level than before. Plus, their passions and personalities are really starting to shine through, giving you opportunity to tailor their education, which can be a ton of fun!

Families are always looking for inspiration and ideas related to homeschooling middle school, so if you have any posts related to these middle grades, please share them below, as well as your favorite high school posts.

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New Home, New Homeschool Room


We had lived in the country for the past 7 years and in March we moved back  into town from a small country house to a large 1950′s Ranch. I still don’t feel totally settled in but we are getting there!

Homeschool Room Overview


We use part of a very large family room with built in book shelves as our homeschool room. We have had dedicated rooms, used the dining room and tried homeschooling without a designated area. For us having an area where the majority of schooling occurs and where we have our family gathering works best.

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