Field Trip Ideas K-2

At the Library

A comprehensive list of “General”  Field Trip ideas for your Kindergarten to second grade student. I have not included links because you’re going to want to visit your local police department not mine here in hot & humid Texas.

  1.  Police
  2. Fire Department
  3. Animal Shelter
  4. Dump
  5. Recycling Center
  6. Water Company
  7. Electric Company
  8.  Amish Country
  9.  farm supply store
  10.  library
  11. symphony performance
  12. farms
  13. local universities “Fairs” for example a Chemistry Fair
  14. pumpkin patches
  15. tree farm
  16. We also invite community members (fire fighter, police officer, animal control, etc.) into the classroom.
  17.  Historical Reenactment
  18. nursing home
  19. recreation center
  20.  Wal-Mart (or Supermarket)
  21. zoo
  22. post office
  23. bakery
  24. Botanical gardens
  25. garden center
  26. airport
  27. nearby state parks
  28. Candy Store/Maker

Do you need some more specific field trip ideas?


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Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2015-16


Last year I shared some troubles we had in Language Arts.  The good news is we found a program I like and we stuck with it and have had some wonderful results. The results of our <a class="zem_slink" title="Standardized test" href="" target="_blank

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Huge Homeschool Used Curriculum Sale

Used curriculum sale
It’s the 1st iHomeschool Network Used Homeschool Curriculum Sale Blog Hop! That’s right loads of women that review curriculum are letting it go, at bargain basement prices! Be sure to check out the other iHN Bloggers and other homeschoolers who join us in this fun sale!

I am trying to maintain a minimalist homeschool (sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it) so I have pulled anything off my shelf I have not used in the last 2 years, as well as  products I have reviewed. So if you are interested in purchasing and have a question don’t hesitate to ask.


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Financial Peace Update


Were we lackadaisical or gazelle intense…you be the judge. We started Financial Peace University in June and I have decided to create accountability for our progress on line. So here is where we are on the Baby Steps.

  1. Emergency fund of $2000  This is not really an accomplishment because we have kept at least this much in savings for years.
  2. Pay off Debt
    1. beginning Balance: $5,769
    2. Current balance:
    3. Total Paid Toward Debt Last Month: $179
    4. Thoughts:  First off we only paid the minimum this month which is a big FAIL! Additionally, this debt is more like stupid tax, we have paid off all of our debt at least 3x and then we do the exact same thing, which is decide we are responsible enough to use a credit card and pay it off each month. Well, we aren’t and here we are again! We paid off $179  this month!
    3-6 months of income in Savings - not begun 15% into a Roth –  I had been depositing $100 per month but we are putting that on hold so we can pay off the debt more quickly. College Funding  - not begun, but we have two children whose colleges are already paid for. Pay off House Early   - not truly begun….
    1. However we do add about $20 to our mortgage each month to round it off.
    2. We have switched to a biweekly mortgage payment which cuts years off of your mortgage.
    Build Wealth & Give  - not begun

    Setbacks: We

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7 Awesome Homeschool Planning Posts


By this time of year most homeschoolers are in the throws of planning their next homeschool year. Each year I return to a few tried and true homeschool planning posts to help me navigate more ‘seamlessly’ through planning our homeschool year.

Planning 1 Year at a time

I plan the ENTIRE year in the  summer

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How I Reduced Expenses by $1000


I’ve seen a lot of ways to save money that are either really silly or totally impractical to implement when you are raising a family. So every few months if I find some more ways to save money I will let you know what I did. We are always on the look out for ways to save money.  We are

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Home Remodeling Chronicles: Main Bathroom

We purchased our home in March of 2014 it was a large home in the neighborhood in which we wanted to live. This is a cute neighborhood full of homes built in the 50’s and 60’s. We purchased a 1950’s Ranch Home. We moved from 30 minutes outside of town to the center of a small town

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