Financial Peace Update


Were we lackadaisical or gazelle intense…you be the judge. We started Financial Peace University in June and I have decided to create accountability for our progress on line. So here is where we are on the Baby Steps.

  1. Emergency fund of $2000  This is not really an accomplishment because we have kept at least this much in savings for years.
  2. Pay off Debt {beginning Balance:      Current balance:    } – This debt is more like stupid tax, we have paid off all of our debt at least 3x and then we do the exact same thing, which is decide we are responsible enough to use a credit card and pay it off each month. Well, we aren’t and here we are again! We paid off $   this month!
  3. 3-6 months of income in Savings
  4. 15% into a Roth
  5. College Funding 
  6. Pay off House Early
  7. Build Wealth & Give

Setbacks: We

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7 Awesome Homeschool Planning Posts

Credit: Simply Convivial

By this time of year most homeschoolers are in the throws of planning their next homeschool year. Each year I return to a few tried and true homeschool planning posts to help me navigate more ‘seamlessly’ through planning our homeschool year.

Planning 1 Year at a time

I plan the ENTIRE year in the  summer using

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How I Reduced Expenses by $1000


I’ve seen a lot of ways to save money that are either really silly or totally impractical to implement when you are raising a family. So every few months if I find some more ways to save money I will let you know what I did. We are always on the look out for ways to save money.  We are

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Home Remodeling Chronicles: Main Bathroom

We purchased our home in March of 2014 it was a large home in the neighborhood in which we wanted to live. This is a cute neighborhood full of homes built in the 50’s and 60’s. We purchased a 1950’s Ranch Home. We moved from 30 minutes outside of town to the center of a small town

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Encouragement for a Homeschool Mom’s Heart


Instead of giving you a long list of verses that you might find encouraging, I have only included verses that have encouraged me personally as a homeschool Mama. Homeschooling is tough and having these verses and thoughts have helped strengthen me.

In our family we have special needs children

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Summer Goals for Mom


I’m going to share my goals for the summer with you. Please keep in mind these are my goals and your goals may be very different. Try not to give yourself so many goals that you aren’t able to complete them.

Personal Spiritual Goals

  1. Recapture regular Bible Reading Time
  2. Increase prayer to 15 minutes daily dedicated time
  3. Study the Bible 15 minutes daily
  4. Memorize 24 scriptures (like the kids)

Personal Goals

  1. Create a Summer Schedule
  2. Create a summer Calendar
  3. Limit my computer time
  4. Finish one of the 4 (yes 4) books I am reading!

Physcial Health Goals

  1. Transition to Trim Healthy Mama
  2. Exercise 3x week
  3. lose 20 pounds

Home Goals

  1. Really do the Flylady plan again
  2. Paint Dining Room
  3. Paint the Hallway
  4. Paint the kitchen walls
  5. Stain Dining room table top and paint the bottom white
  6. Stain/paint all dining room chairs
  7. Stain the family room table top and paint the bottom white
  8. paint the buffet white
  9. sand and repaint the table
  10. sort at least 3 boxes


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