Save Money on Team Photos

Team sports photos 1

As a frugal Sports Mom buying team pictures was a very painful experience. In fact, we  really struggled with the question of purchasing Team Pictures last year. Frankly they are too expensive for our modest budget. In order for us to get Team Photos for all 4 kids it would of cost us nearly a $100. <OUCH>  Our biggest is issue is that we have been getting them every year because that is what all good parents do, right? And who wants to be that parent?

Then I had a thought that had occured to me in previous years, but that I had totally resisted doing  because I thought it was so rude or something.  I’m not really sure what I thought but I know I didn’t want to do this. But this year with team photo fees mounting and nearing$100 I finally broke down and did it. What did I do? I snapped a photo while the team was having their pictures

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Additional Resources for Mystery of History Vol. 3

MOHVol3largeWhen you have a large brood in order to cover some subjects it is much easier to do them as a group instead of individually. History is one such subject that can be taught to a large group of children.

Mystery of History

We are currently using Mystery of History Vol. 3 as we have completed the other 2 volumes. We use MOH Vol. 3 in what may seem to be a rather unusual way. We only listen to the audio recordings. We own the book and periodically children grab it and review what they have been listening to or they wish to see pictures of this or that. We have already listened to the entire book 3 times, we have discussed the various people of the book and have enjoyed the book like any other audio book in our collection. We will most likely listen to it 2 or 3 more times. As a Mom of many MOH’s Christian worldview and the audio CD’s have been a huge blessing in our homeschool. If you want to cover history but find you do not have time this is the way to do it. We listen while we do chores or eat lunch or during some such mundane task.

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5 Practical Tips for Using Story of the World

The Story of the World series is a set of history books written by Susan Wise Bauer. Children can use volume one as young as kindergarten or first grade. Volume four can be adapted for children as old as 8th grade making it a wonderful series to use, especially with a large family.

However trying to stay on top of the printing and planning to keep history moving each week can be difficult. Here are five ways to use the Story of the World series without adding excessive planning or stress to your week.

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Creating an Independent Learning Environment

IndependentSo we are reading through the The Self-Propelled Advantage: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Independent, Motivated Kids Who Learn with Excellence and as I am doing so I was realizing that I need to do certain things so my kids will be able to work independently. Accordingly we are the beginning of the process with a nearly independent 8th grader,  6th grader and a very distract-able 4th grader. And at the tail end of the caboose two 4 year old preshcoolers who are always eager to compelete their lessons with Mom.

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6 MUST Read Books for Large Families


Welcome to day 5 of 5 days of Large Family Living

For those of you who have been around for the whole series and to those of you who are just checking in, it is my hope that this series has blessed you and better prepared you to handle your duties as a Mama. We covered Homeschooling, Secrets of Feed a Large Family , Color Coding and now I’m handing out your reading assignments like a good little homeschool Mama!

Again regardless of if you have 1 child or 20 children I believe this books will be a valuable addition to your homemakers reference library. So no matter how many children you have it is wise to seek the counsel of someone who has been there. These books are full of wisdom from women with lots of children and many years of parenting under their belts. These books have been inspirational and informative and I know you will not regret purchasing any of them.

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