Resources for the Study of Chemistry

When you are educating classically texts are springboards of discovery. The books that your children read on the subject outside of the text may have an even greater effect on their thoughts on the subject. Last year we used Answers in Genesis’ God’s Design in for Chemistry which we really

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Physics for the Grammar Stage, A Review


This is what I would call a preliminary review as we have just completed the first quarter (9 th week) of this curriculum.

Disclaimer: We use this curriculum in a co-op and our co-op teacher has slightly modified it for our use. 

Additionally, our co-op science teacher modified our syllabus so

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Weekly Review (7wks): Zoom Ball

This is review of our very lively homeschool week.  This week we had school Monday through Thursday and went to our much loved co-op on Friday.

Our Weekly Review…,


This week in Physics for the Grammar Stage  we were studying Force and we made a Zoom Ball which was one of the experiments. Although

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22 Books for Teaching Elementary Physics

The Study of Physics is one of those courses that even as adults we have a hard time explaining, much less tackling. But in a Classical Curriculum it is important to introduce the children to all of the disciplines so when they are older they have a already created a “hook” to put information

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10+ Posts Every Diligent Homeschooler Should Read

Welcome to iHN’s articles every homeschooler should read.

Diligence is defined as “having careful and persistent work or effort”. A Diligent homeschooler is not he perfect homeschooler that always gets everything done, but one who works hard to accomplish the things the Lord has

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Week #6: K’Nex & Cross Country

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life!

One of the things I love about this link up is the reminder that I am more then a homeschool Mama. I am a Mama and the conscious effort to capture our day bless me each time!


That little curly headed kid got 2nd place in her division at this weeks

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50+ Fun Fall Family Activities

fall family activities

You know I am all about getting it done, right???

So why a huge list because I want to add 10 things to your to  do list??? No, absolutely not! A big list means logs of choices and I absolutely forbid you from trying more than 5 of these ideas! But I highly encourage you to check them all out

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