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Today is all about history, so we’re highlighting some of the best history posts that have been shared with us over the past few weeks. There are plenty of unique ideas to get you thinking as you consider how you’ll be studying this important subject during the coming year.

History can be a boring subject for some students, especially if they think it’s all about memorizing dates. Hopefully you’ll take some of these hands-on ideas and strive to bring history to life in your home school.

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Homeschool Planning III:Planning your School Calendar


[originally posted on May 42, 2010]

So now that you have completed your Curriculum Spreadsheet and you are waiting to receive your curriculum you have time to do some planning. There are a lot of  factors that you can take into account when your planning your calendar year. I hope to walk you through some and you will have to determine which factors will guide you as you create the perfect calendar for your family.

  1. I go to FiveJ’s and print out her homeschool year at a glance calendar.
  2. I  determine my first day of school. I have a child who has a birthday on August 18th and this year the 18th is the day I want to start school. But we will be starting school on the 19th so we can celebrate that child’s birthday fully and not interrupt the start of our homeschool year.
  3. Then I determine what days I am taking off for Thanksgiving (we take a week), Christmas (we take four weeks)& Spring Break (we take a week in the spring to go camping or on a mission trip) and any other pre-planned vacation I know I will be taking. Or if we are adding a child etc…. In my state I do not have to follow the public school calendar so I usually do not. 
  4. Then I take my curriculum and write the weeks on my Homeschool Calendar in pencil. This gives me an approximate end date for my school year. Additionally, anytime during the year I can check and see if we are on schedule.
  5. Pay attention to your curriculum most curriculum have either 160, 170 or 180 lessons so after I have numbered the weeks I number the days. This lets me know where everyone should be by day 10 or 90 or 120. I have a child that often gets ahead and I have a child that really likes to lag behind so this is a great tool I can use to encourage them in their school work. As it allows me to easily check on a child’s progress by looking at my master plan.
  6. Of course the best laid plans always have detours so I have scheduled in about 5-10 catch up days through out the year. There is an extra week at the end of the year (5 days), Monday of Thanksgiving week (6), Tues- Friday week before Christmas break (10) and if we need more then that then we will school into the summer.

So this provides me with an overview of  our upcoming school year. This usually takes me 15 minutes or so unless I have not decided when to start school. Then it could take a little longer as I have to call the dh and check his schedule etc…

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Mommy Monday Blog Hop

Welcome to the Mommy Monday Blog Hop hosted by Aspired Living where my hope is to present families with an attainable simplified model of classical education.  And to encourage families to adopt a learning lifestyle which then generates holistic learning opportunities that the family both recognizes and capitalizes upon.  It is my desire is to encourage , challenge and build up the Christian homemaker and remind her that she is shaping the world!  A few popular posts around here include:

I hope you enjoy this weeks Mommy Monday Blog Hop!

Mommy Monday Blog Hop

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round button chicken



So this week pretty is the fact that my babies turned 4! Yes the terrific twosome also known as the twins turned 4 years old and we had as many of their little friends over as possible to celebrate in our new house. They had a blast playing and eating cake. Yes, you read that correctly we did not plan a “Pinterst Perfect Party” we had a very simple party where kids played, adults talked and we all ate.  Fun was had by all!



We did swim lesson with some really good friends! Our kids already love swim lessons but when you add in 6 of their best friends (counting the baby not pictured). Then swim lessons turns into kids squealing for joy! Definitely something to do again next year!

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Names of Jesus

This would be a wonderful resource to use along side Mystery of History 1 or 2 to study the names of Jesus.

“In The Names of Jesus, Warren Wiersbe explores fourteen names of Jesus from both the Old and New Testaments and explains their meaning as well as their relevance to believers today.” from Amazon

Also, Amazon is offering a free Kindle app download so you can access kindle on any of your devices.

Finishing Strong: Homeschooling Middle & High School #20

Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #21

Happy Wednesday!

Can you believe we’re already looking at the end of July? Sure, we’re still in the thick of summer, but we’re willing to bet that you’ve already started preparing your lesson plans for the new year.

To help you out, we have decided to take a few weeks to highlight a few favorite posts that have been linked up with us recently, relating to specific subjects.

Today we’re starting with language arts.

Literature Studies: Chaucer – A Retelling of a Knight’s Tale from Angelicscalliwags

Writing Enrichment: Make a Book from Karen Trina Childress

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Homeschool Planning II: Saving Money Buying Curriculum

kyleSave$ [Originally posted 5/323/10]

So after I have finished my Curriculum Spreadsheet I  am usually ready to start purchasing curriculum. Since we are always on a tight budget I usually start buying curriculum after we get our tax return.  I always start by looking for used curriculum.

Buying Curriculum Used

Homeschool Classifieds is my favorite used curriculum site. I like it because it is the easiest one to use and I have had very good results with it. You simply type in what you are looking for and it searches the substantial database.

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