Finishing Strong Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #7

Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #7 Education PossibleWe are excited you are joining us for another link-up, full of posts written specifically to encourage those families homeschooling older students. Hopefully you’ve been learning as much as we have from the amazing posts being shared!

Here are our favorites from last week:

Heather from Blog She Wrote loved fellow co-host Heidi’s post on Preparing your High School Student for the PSAT. Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #7

She said, “Heidi does a thorough job of preparing parents for the world of college testing. As a homeschooling parent of a 10th grader this year, we’ve already gone through one testing period and we are gearing up for another round. I appreciate the information on the breakdown of the tests as well as the timeline and prep tips.”

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Who is the Head of Your Homeschool?


Who runs your homeschool? I mean I know you do the leg work make the lesson plans, copies and check the work but seriously who is the head your homeschool? I know my homeschool has been taken over from time to time by …

  • The fear of man which shows up in my decision to do some new and rigorous curriculum. Or to skip a child forward in a subject just because they are capable. And it’s impresses your already skeptical parents/in laws if their 9 year old grandchild is doing pre-algebra , right??
  • The desire to achieve  causes me to push my children harder then necessary to accomplish my goals for them.
  • Pride, yes ugly pride takes over as we claim the accomplishments of our children i”a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.”
  • Fear is the constant companion of the homeschool Mom, “Am I doing enough?”, “Are they learning?”  and “Am I going to miss something?” are the voices lurking just below the surface.
  • Anger bubbles up because they are not living up to my expectations.

Jennifer at the Deliberate Mom reminded me to really examine who is the head of our homeschool. This is the sort of reflection that really can hit the center of a Christian heart and Homeschool and tip your boat? Just as Jesus said where we spend our money is where our heart is and I also feel like where we spend our time has the same reflection. Is math more important then quiet time? If all we have time to do in the day is one subject would I do Truth & Grace (our Scripture Memory Program) or would I do Math.

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Finishing Strong Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years 4/9/14

It is the time of year for many families to begin planning for the next school year!

Each week we look forward to sharing new posts filled with ideas and encouragement for homeschooling middle and high school.

Finishing Strong Link-up 040914

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Our favorite posts from last week:

 Don’t forget to check out all of the co-hosts - Aspired LivingBlog She Wrote, Education PossibleEva VargaMilk and CookiesStarts at Eight, and Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus.

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Ultimate Guide to Classical Curriculum

ultimate guide

This is an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of Classical Curriculum Providers, Co-ops, Continuing Education & Bloggers. We will begin by looking at the Classical Curriculum providers that offer curriculum choices across all subjects. For the most part I will not mention their individual curriculum except in the case of some of their curriculum that I feel  is often over looked.

Complete Classical Curriculum

 Subject Specific Guide to Classical Curriculum

 Classical Memory & Recitation


The Beginner’s Guide to Saving Money- Part 2 Shelter

 Saving Money in and Around your Home

A comprehensive and realistic guide for beginners to find ways to save lots of money in and around your home every day!

  1.  Every couple of years you need to shop your home insurance and see if there is a better deal. You’ll need a copy of your current policy to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  2. Add a computerized thermostat that allows you to schedule temperature control throughout your home.
  3. If you switch to curly lights from incandescent you can really save some money on your light bill. A 13 watt curly light provides up to 75 Watts of light that is a savings of 62 Watts per light bulb. But I suggest keeping the receipts these lights are supposed to last for years and if they don’t you can get new lights for free. We are slowly changing all of the bulbs in our house from regular bulbs to the spiral bulbs. In my house this should represent a savings of $42.38 per month according to MidSouth Synergy!
  4. Try to buy used items at Garage Sales and Thrift Stores before you decide to buy something new. So if you need a blender hit the garage sales and check the local thrift stores and then if you still cannot find it  see tip 7!
  5. Sell your clutter.Have a garage sale or take you excess stuff to a thrift store and sell it! It’s just weighing you down and taking up extra space.
  6. Ditch cable and read books, watch Netflix or get Hulu. There are so many inexpensive alternatives now a days there is no reason to pay full price for cable.
  7. Stack Coupons. Keep the coupons you get from Bed Bath and Beyond apparently you can stack them and any time you cannot find something used you can buy it new at a discount. Here is a list of 7 other retailers that allow you to stack your coupons.
  8. We are getting a water heater “cozies” & insulate the pipes which is suppose to make your water heater much more efficient. Water heater represents 14% of your cooling cost!
  9.  I avoid turning on lights during the day. Except in the school room, it’s a little dark. Once my kids cheered when they asked if they could turn on the lights and I said “yes”. Bullet said “Yeah!!! We get to turn on the lights” …that’s just sad, but true!I turn off all lights I find left on! Basically, I’ve become my Dad and I am eternally aware of any light left on in the house!
  10. We keep the thermostat set to 69* for heating and 78-9* for cooling. Right now we have it turned off completely if it gets to 80* I will turn on the ceiling fans!
  11. Turn my computer off during the day and at night! I try to have it on for less than 6 hours per day (this one kills me sometimes, but it also prevents me from wasting time…looking something up real quick!)
  12. Unplug…Unplug items that are not in use so they are not passively draining energy. We unplugged the extra fridge in the Shed because we were not using it for anything but extra drinks. We have ice on our fridge for that!
  13. Give Major appliances a day off! Major appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, dryer) get to rest on Sundays!
  14. Do a spending freeze a couple of times a year to reign in random spending .


Simply stated leave no stone unturned, if you have to spend money on something always ask yourself can this be done more inexpensively. Then save some of your savings and do something you’ve always wanted to do with the rest of it!

How to get the family motivated and saving money too?

Offer an incentive program to the kids for example if our electric bill is under $200 we will go out for yogurt. Or we will save the difference in a jar to go to the zoo, you know what will work for your family maybe it’s books or shoes whatever it is set it up and do it. One caveat is do not spend all of the money you saved on the incentive program I aim to spend no more then 25% of my savings on the incentive.

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Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years 4/2/14

Welcome to the Finishing Strong Link-up!

Spring is here!  For many families that means getting outdoors to explore nature, starting new homeschool projects, and  planning for a new school year.  We would love to hear about your adventures!

Please stop back every week to share your creative and inspirational posts about homeschooling older kids.

Finishing Strong 4/02/14

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Here are a few of our co-host’s favorite posts from last week:

Amy from Milk and Cookies liked Celebrate Spring with Hodgepodge Art! from Heather Woodie

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Finding Success Studying Shakespeare

Shakespeare BirthdayHappy Birthday Shakespeare!

 ”All the world’s a stage,
and all the men and women merely players:
they have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts…”As You Like It, Act II, Scene 7, 139–42

Although I do not have a unit study for you what I do have is a series of steps to take you through years of studying Shakespeare.

So Let’s start out with looking at Just the Facts…

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